Our ancient past drives our creative future.


In order to preserve our culture, history and heritage we have to invent new expressions for modern times. New ways of harnessing the power of our creative expressions and of sharing our luxurious brand experiences with the world.

As a hub for the innovation, preservation and advancement of African luxury brands, Okinka is positioned to fund African ventures in the areas of luxury, leisure, wellness, nutrition and art.

Our name honours the legacy of the last queen of Guinea-Bissau, Queen Okinka Pampa Kanyimpa. As a champion of women’s liberation and the guardian of sovereignty and peace for all, the highly esteemed Queen was also entrusted to protect the spirits of the Bijagós Islands in Guinea-Bissau.

Okinka brands are befitting of her precious memory, ancient greatness and powerful responsibilities. In our work we honour her unique view of the world and her illustrious dream for the continent.


Enriching the World with African Creative Luxury

The ability of ancient and modern African expressions to inspire, inform, protect, preserve and transform have made them relevant throughout all ages. Since the beginning of time our collective mission has been to expose the globe to the wealth of African cultural values.

Okinka recognizes the demand for African creative experiences on an international level. We provide what creatives have been lacking, access to investment to grow and the ability to expand their businesses to satisfy a growing global appetite.

In a time when most African governments are yet to respond, Okinka is positioned to support African luxury creatives with a sound investment. Already we have committed financial investment to some African luxury brands.



We provide the financial skills and expert professional advice that are essential for developing robust businesses that can attract public, philanthropic and private investment in the sector, and contribute to the sustainability of the industry.

Leading Luxury Brands Through Service

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