Know the luxury of rare natural beauty


MAWENA was born in 2013, when its founder, globetrotter Helena Mendès, returned from a trip to Mexico where she lived in immersion with Mayan women. During her stay, they exchanged centuries of traditions and their beauty secrets… a miraculous bark that Mayan women have been using for generations.

Helena then left Mexico with one of these barks, which was then analyzed in a la boratory. Mayan women were absolutely right: this bark had incredible active ingredients that had never discovered so far! She then offered to work with them for the production of the bark, that she buys now in a fair way, to enable them to educate their children and to feed themselves. MAWENA is also a human experience, based on a social and solidarity economy.

MAWENA is composed of a short range of organic cosmetics formulated with the principle of layering in mind: a cleansing oil, a gel cleanser, a mist and a face oil. Just what it takes to make your skin radiant and beautiful. With complex formulations created by nature, those luxurious organic facial treatments combine naturalness and effectiveness: there are up to 25 active ingredients for the face oil!

The MAWENA experience begins with the packaging that opens up like water lilies and reveals the faces of Maya women without whom the brand could not have been created. The products have also ultra-sensory smells and textures for a moment of pleasure and relaxation.

Learn more here: https://www.mawena.com