Experience engaging African luxury jewelry


VANLELES is the world’s first fine jewelry brand whose DNA is deeply steeped in its African heritage. The brand was conceived from a profound vision and desire to share the beauty and splendor of Africa’s precious gemstones and artfully translate them into magnificent fine jewelry. The vibrant culture, lush landscapes, and riveting histories from the African continent serve as an inspiration to VANLELES’ creations.

Founded by the talented and visionary designer Vania Leles in 2011, the brand’s splendid and timeless creations are excellently crafted by the world’s most skilled jewelry makers and have become a reference among collectors and connoisseurs. Through an unwavering commitment to the ethical sourcing of gemstones and precious metals and an unparalleled belief in responsible mining, VANLELES is leading the way for a new era of mindful and engaged luxury.

VANLELES’ collections are made for today’s global women and the men who love and treasure them. Each piece is passionately crafted from an inspiring story of Africa’s past and present and interpreted through forms, shapes, and colors that are both delightful and unique, all united by the unmistakable VANLELES’ signature of refinement and elegance.

Learn more here: https://www.vanleles.com/