The Creative Luxury Industry, is an Industry


Even though African creative expressions make the world go around, we still live in an environment where 70% of employed Africans earn salaries that only amount to poverty. For too long creative industries such as design, fashion, film, television, radio, music and more have been overlooked as legitimate avenues for job creation and serious contributors to the national gross domestic product.

Okinka explores our opportunity to exercise sustainable growth, inclusive development and even greater transparency in the creative economy. Our creative and cultural industries inspire African socio-cultural life, maintain our competitive advantage in the global market, and have the greatest potential to transform the African economic landscape.

Creative industries are job multiplier and generate $4.2bn in revenue across the continent.

Nollywood alone generates $600m annually for the Nigerian economy; employs indirectly more than 1 million people per year; and, in 2016, contributed about 1.1% to the country’s GDP.

African luxury brands are able to make an authentic and emotional connection by communicating the depth of our cultural stories with international audiences. Luxury creations embody our exceptional craftsmanship, our value systems, and our joint willingness to co-exist with nature, making the true value of African luxury brands priceless.


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